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To Retain or To Replace: Copywriter vs. ChatGPT

Look, I get it. Copywriting or messaging isn't just a part of your marketing strategy; it's the linchpin that can either elevate or undermine your entire business. You invest time, energy, and company budget into skilled copywriters who sometimes charge a pretty penny. Suddenly, there's this shiny, seemingly cost-free AI alternative, ChatGPT. Who wouldn't be tempted to replace their copywriter on the spot?

But let's inject a dose of reality into this narrative.

Consider the evolution of photography.

Back in the day, when traditional film cameras dominated, photography was an intricate art form. Photographers carefully selected films, adjusted exposure settings, and toiled in darkrooms to develop the perfect shot. Then came the digital camera revolution. Suddenly, anyone could point, click, and capture a moment with ease.

But did the advent of digital cameras make skilled photographers obsolete? Not at all. Despite the rise of point-and-shoot simplicity, professional photographers persisted. They adapted to new technologies, mastered digital complexities, and continued to bring an artistic eye to their craft. 

The lesson here is clear—just as digital cameras didn't replace photographers, AI won't replace the unique touch of skilled copywriters in the realm of marketing. 

Here are three concrete reasons why ChatGPT can't replace your copywriter, and why as business leaders and marketing executives, you need to tread carefully:

1. No Originality: The Remix Dilemma

Experimenting with ChatGPT and other AI copywriting tools revealed a crucial flaw—originality. These tools are trained on massive datasets from online conversations and have free access to web content. So, when they craft copy for you, they're essentially remixing existing content. The risk? Your copy sounds generic, losing the unique voice that sets your brand apart. Losing customers due to copy that blends in is a scenario you can't afford.

2. No Personality: The Robot Conundrum

Refine those AI prompts all you want, but the truth is, AI copywriting tools, including ChatGPT, can't escape their inherent nature—they're robots. Infusing copy with genuine personality or a nuanced understanding of your audience remains a challenge. As business leaders, you understand that connecting with your audience goes beyond words; it's about building relationships.

3. Copywriting is More Than Words: The Human Touch

You've hired skilled copywriters for a reason—they understand that copywriting is a multifaceted art. It involves deep research into your business, understanding your ideal customer's needs, wants, motivations, and behaviors, analyzing competitors, aligning with marketing platforms, and creatively applying this knowledge. It's not just about words; it's about the creative application of a holistic understanding. AI can provide surface-level copy, but that won't cut it for the success of your business.

Now, I'm not advocating running away from AI as if it's a business-corrupting menace. Far from it. ChatGPT and other AI tools are groundbreaking innovations with the potential to supercharge your business.

The key is using AI strategically, not as a replacement for your copywriting team, but as a tool to amplify their content creation or ideation process. Here's how:

Practical Use of ChatGPT in Copywriting

1. Feedback Enhancement

Let your copywriters craft copy as usual and leverage ChatGPT for a detailed review. The chatbot is able to provide detailed analysis and suggest improvements. Think of it as an extra set of expert eyes, refining their work further with an additional perspective.

Situation: Your copywriters have crafted a compelling marketing message for a new product launch.

Implementation: Integrate ChatGPT for feedback. The chatbot analyzes the copy, highlighting areas of improvement and suggesting enhancements. For instance, it might recommend adjusting the tone for a specific target audience or refining the call-to-action for better engagement.

2. Research Assistance

While AI might fetch basic information from the web, it can be a valuable research assistant when prompted with the right questions. Your copywriter can use it strategically to gather insights for your marketing efforts.

Situation: Your copywriter is tasked with creating content for a blog post about emerging industry trends.

Implementation: Utilize ChatGPT for research. Your copywriter prompts the chatbot with questions about the latest trends, and it provides a comprehensive overview sourced from diverse online materials. This ensures your content is well-informed and aligned with current industry dynamics.

3. Overcoming Creative Blocks

In moments of creative block, AI can spark inspiration. Your copywriters can ask the chatbot to draft a copy, using it as a springboard for fresh ideas.

Situation: Your copywriters are grappling with ideas for an imaginative and engaging social media campaign.

Implementation: Overcome creative blocks with ChatGPT. Your copywriters can instruct the chatbot to generate initial draft ideas for the campaign. This sparks inspiration, allowing your team to build upon and refine these generated concepts, breaking through the creative stalemate.

4. Editing and Proofreading Assistance

ChatGPT and similar AI tools like Grammarly, Hemmingway, and ProWritingAid excel at catching language errors and can also contribute an extra layer by providing contextual suggestions. This precision in communication ensures that your messages are crystal clear.

Situation: Your team has crafted a series of promotional emails for an upcoming sales event.

Implementation: Deploy ChatGPT for editing and proofreading. After using traditional grammar checkers, leverage the chatbot to provide contextual suggestions for improving the overall flow and coherence of the messages. This ensures that your communication is not only error-free but also polished and impactful.

Keep your Copywriters

In conclusion, if you've discovered a remarkable copywriter who weaves magic for your business, it's a valuable asset. Hold onto this talent because, truth be told, ChatGPT or any AI tool can't replace the unique touch of human creativity. Instead, view AI as a powerful complementary tool that enhances efficiency, expedites processes, and optimizes your workflow.

This is your moment to shine as a business leader. In a landscape where many are rushing towards AI for copywriting, those who retain human creatives gain a competitive edge. If everyone adopts AI en masse, the risk is real—marketing content might lose its vibrancy and become monotonous. Your human creatives become the beacon, making it easier to stand out and forge authentic connections with your audience.

It’s really not a battle of AI versus humans; it's about creating a harmonious blend of both. Embrace the technological tools at your disposal, but never underestimate the irreplaceable value of the human touch. That's where the true magic unfolds.

Ready to amplify your business narrative? We at Craft are here to guide you through this dynamic fusion of human creativity and AI ingenuity. Contact us today!

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