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Gary Saner


Primero Systems

We at Primero Systems have struggled for years to achieve meaningful and tangible success with our marketing efforts.  That is until we partnered with Angelo Ponzi.


From the moment of our initial interview through his tenure with Primero, Angelo’s style and demeanor were a perfect fit for our culture. He is honest, ethical and overall just a truly good person. 


His technical competence is also exceptionally refreshing as compared to our previous experiences.  Angelo comes prepared to deliver, whatever it takes.  He is a roll-your-sleeves-up kind of guy who offers keen and actionable insights and identified the ever-important client profile for our products and services.


I could not more highly recommend Angelo to any company that needs straight-talk and actionable tasks to get their marketing program back on track.

George Huggins 

Area Developer

Cold Stone Creamery

I worked with Angelo for over 5 years when his agency handled the Southern California Cold Stone Creamery franchise group with over 125 locations.


Angelo came to us with extensive experience in the restaurant business, he even owned one at one point. With firsthand experience, he understood what it was like to work with franchisees.


His research and strategic insights helped shape of overarching communications as well as the development and management of our local store marketing programs. If you're looking for a strategic thinking and team player, I highly recommend Angelo.

Mike Sterling


Dekra-Lite Industries

Angelo came on board with us after several unexpected departures to help us stabilize and reunite our sales and marketing teams. He worked with our teams in branding, training, customer research and helped us lay out strategic plans for the next three years.  


He is knowledgeable well versed and communicative.


Thanks, Angelo for helping regroup and take the next step. 

Teri Sawyer



Angelo Ponzi is one of the most creative, smartest, and amazing marketing people I know. he is brilliant, dedicated, ethical, and devoted to doing an exceptional job.


He not only thinks out of the box, he creates whole new ways of thinking. An exceptional marketer and brand expert, Angelo is focused on delivering a successful outcome for every client.

Don Brown

VP Marketing

Sole Technologies

 I've worked with Angelo on numerous occasions to get Market insights.


He has always brought great points of view from our Target Market that we have used to build our strategy.


A definite thumbs up for Angelo and the work he has done for us.

Joseph Banuelos

Vice President

Creative Director at DevicePharm 

I've worked with Angelo for over three decades and the reason is simple. He is passionate about his work.


He is a collaborative, detail-oriented, strategic thinker who puts his client's needs first.

Adam Miller



As a seasoned fractional CMO, Angelo was able to jump in headfirst and immediately bring value to our organization. 


From providing insights on our current market to identifying potential opportunities in a variety of vertical/expansion markets, intelligence on our competition, as well as developing overall brand strategies and messaging, he has become an important asset to our team. 


I highly recommend him for any business that wants to add a senior-level, strategic marketer to their team.

Ron Huber


Achieve Technologies

As a small consulting firm, we work hard to stay as lean as possible and focus on adding maximum value to our clients throughout their digital transformation journey. Staying lean often means we simply don't have the staff to capitalize on unexpected marketing opportunities. 


Recently our largest partner announced they were discontinuing one of their product lines, which presented a huge sales opportunity for Achieve. 


Angelo is very experienced and extremely organized, and truly acted as our interim CMO. Teaming up with The Ponzi Group allowed us to quickly spin up a marketing strategy and campaign targeted towards this announcement. His ability to independently get up to speed on the market and create a target messaging campaign that fit our corporate voice made all the difference in the success of the campaign. I look forward to working with Angelo and The Ponzi Group again in the future.

Dave Des Rochers

Vice President


Any startup is a challenge.  Taking it from concept to a viable product is not accomplished in a straight line.  It requires patience, experience, and drive to make that happen. That’s what happened when Angelo came on as Fractional CMO for PATH2HappiSuccess. 


Angelo provided us with focus and clarity, not only developing our messaging and marketing strategies, but he was also instrumental in moving the development of the application forward to ensure scalability and accessibility to the masses.


He is a team player and collaborator; I highly recommend Angelo to any business that needs senior-level marketing and business experience wanting to build or grow their business.

Andy Tompkins

Director MarCom


I worked with Angelo on several research projects during my time at Nielsen Expositions.


He is a detailed oriented, strategic problem solver that has the ability to convert complex market studies into actionable suggestions.


Further, he brings great energy to his craft, is an accomplished public speaker and was always a pleasure to work with.

Marie Case


Case Communications

Angelo Ponzi has expertise that goes beyond his marketing and research abilities.


He is smart, dedicated, more than comprehensive in everything he does and has had years of management as well as on the ground experience in all aspects of marketing.


I have known him for almost 20 years and have been his business partner, colleague and have worked on projects closely with him. He is rare in this world where details are forgotten.

Michael Maxsenti

Political Communications Advisor

I have worked with Angelo in various capacities over the past 25 years both while in marketing and publishing. His understanding of marketing and how to reach and connect with various audiences has both depth and creativity. He is held in very high regard for his thinking, creativity, hard work, and integrity.

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