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This comprehensive course dives deep into the essence of marketing as a collaborative endeavor, emphasizing the pivotal role of inter-departmental synergy, especially with sales.


Unpack the common missteps of businesses that offer great products but falter due to weak marketing strategies. Learn from insights that reveal the downfall of many strategies is poor execution, with a staggering 92% meeting their demise due to this.

In this course, you will learn:

  • By the end of the course, participants will understand the distinction between tactical and strategic marketing, appreciating the value of a holistic approach that considers departments like manufacturing, sales, and operations as integral parts of the marketing process.

  • Learners will be equipped with insights on the challenges of strategy execution, recognizing the pitfalls that cause 92% of strategies to fail and strategies to ensure effective collaboration, especially with sales teams, for successful implementation.

  • Participants will appreciate the centrality of research in effective marketing and business decision-making, gaining insights into practical research methods for understanding customers, competitors, and marketplace dynamics to inform marketing strategy.

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