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Products & Services

Not all companies and their problems are created equal. To address your specific challenges, as strategic architects, we work with you to create a revenue blueprint for growth. By identifying the insights and knowledge needed to define or redefine your brand, we create a plan that helps achieve your vision of success. 

Because your business is unique, a one-size-fits-all marketing approach just doesn't work. We provide a variety of solutions based on your needs and specific challenges. And, like your business, we can scale or pivot our services as your business does.

Products & Services


To assist with building your blueprint for growth, we offer a variety of programs on a project basis or bundled together to address your business challenges. From competitive analysis, research, branding to strategic planning.

Business Consultation
Business Meeting

Fractional, Interim, or Outsourced Resources 

Depending on your needs, we provide marketing leadership and strategic growth initiatives to companies that do not have marketers on staff. We can fulfill your leadership needs as a fractional Chief Strategy Officer or Chief Marketing Officer, VP or Director, or any level of marketing support through our collective of experts in The Craft Group.

Brand Story and Messaging Development

Developing messaging or your brand story that addresses your needs, wants, and challenges to change behaviors and motivates them to engage requires you to have a deep understanding of them.  Only then can you develop a customer-centric approach that appeals to them both rationally and emotionally.  It’s what builds trust and loyalty and differentiates you from the competition.

Young Business Colleagues

Market Research

Depending on your objectives, the right combination of quantitative, qualitative, or secondary research methodologies can be used to gather the necessary insights to help uncover opportunities, challenges, issues, and obstacles to ensure business/marketing strategies and plans focus on the needs of the market you serve.

On-Demand or Monthly Consultation

Need advice or consultation, but you're not ready for a more comprehensive program? Check out our simple and easy-to-implement program to get the support you needed, but when you need it.

Meeting Room Business
The Wall of Ideas

Workshops & Assessments

How would you rate your company’s readiness to compete? Are your strategic marketing and business plans in alignment? Do the perceptions you have both internally and externally line up with your customers? Can you leverage your brand to help differentiate yourself from the competition?  And, what about sales?  Are marketing and sales working together to help you achieve your goals?


To better understand if your business is ready to compete, we offer an overall Business Assessment and an in-depth Marketing Assessment to give you insights to help you move forward with a better understanding of what is working and what is not.

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