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Marketing Architects: Designing a Sustainable Brand Foundation

Have you ever seen a building that looks really cool, only to find out later that it is not structurally sound? Your marketing is no different. Sure, your initiatives look good, but do they work well? Just like any property or house, your business needs a solid foundation – and a well-thought-out design. Like anything you construct, sustainability is key. Without putting the time into crafting a framework that will sustain you, you may reach prospective clients today, but not very clearly– and not consistently for the future. This is where the role of a marketing architect comes in. Like any architect, our role is to design a structure for your brand’s marketing efforts that is both functional and future-focused – a structure that holds your business up for the years to come. What is a marketing architect? More than just strategists, marketing architects are the designers of successful brands. We develop ideas that are innovative and different but are still based on data & key performance indicators. With a marriage between analytical skillsets and creative talents, marketing architects craft initiatives that stand out and truly succeed in the long run. At the core of the marketing architect’s philosophy lies the belief that tactics don't do the trick if you want to succeed. Going back to the building analogy, focusing on tactics without first constructing a solid framework is like putting art in a house with walls that can barely hold themselves up. Sure, the painting looks good, but it will inevitably fall in time, due to poor architecture. As marketing architects, we also understand the broader environment we are building in. Rather than look at your company in a silo, we also survey the land (or in this case, the market). This allows us to understand your brand’s target audience, industry competitors, and any societal factors – opportunities and threats alike – that may influence your brand’s endurance. This is how we help you to create a brand that can withstand the test of time. What does a marketing architect do?

One of the core responsibilities of a marketing architect is to effectively position a brand in the market. Beyond just building awareness and solidifying some of the basic marketing Ps, marketing architects take things a step further by helping brands develop a unique brand identity in the minds of their prospects, customers, and target audience as a whole

This emphasis on brand positioning is critical. In fact, brand positioning can even make or break a company! While a strong and well-positioned brand will attract customers with ease, a weak or poorly positioned brand will likely struggle to survive.

A marketing architect will help you strategically position your company in the market in many ways, by:

● Helping you understand your target customer, and develop brand personas

● Establishing a unique brand identity and selling proposition

● Communicating your brand identity through marketing channels

Just as any architect must refer to their blueprint as they oversee the construction process, marketing architects must constantly refer to their core strategy and brand identity when developing marketing plans and leading tactical execution.

It is their responsibility to create a solid structure that will not only attract customers but maintain loyalty and hopefully inspire brand advocacy in the future.

Does my company need a marketing architect?

In short, yes. A marketing architect is a valuable asset to any company.

Do you want your business to be one that innovates and positively impacts your industry? A marketing architect can help you get there. They will do so much more than simply promote the status quo – rather, they will help you design for success.

If you are curious about what working with a marketing architect would look like for your firm, reach out to us today!

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