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Is It Time to Scale Your Digital Plan?

In the digital age, customers constantly have the opportunity to interact with your brands through social media and other platforms, and when it comes to strategy, there is no cookie cutter solution. Lead generation from a digital standpoint all depends on not only your business goals, but also the needs of your customers and prospects, David Mistofsky, Director of Strategy at Rhythm Agency, shared during his interview in the Business Growth Cafe. It is crucial to know who your customer is, what platforms they populate, what times of day they are most likely to view your content, and what types of content they are most likely to interact with. Addressing the needs of your customers, on both the micro and macro level, means developing a persona for the customer you are trying to reach. In addition, you also need to consider the customer journey – from the onset of building awareness of your brand through the sale and of course building loyalty to ensure repeat business. Once you have a basis for the characteristics of your customer, it is time to start experimenting with the various elements within your digital plan. In order to truly determine the value that digital media can have in your brand strategy, start by experimenting with a small test campaign to see what results you get – then determine if you want to jump in, or if your strategy needs adjustments before moving forward. Of course if you adjust, make sure you test again! If you see a positive ROI based on content, media or other factors you are testing, only then might it be time to scale your digital plan. Once you reach the implementation stage of your strategy, don’t forget to continue testing. Just because you set a strategy in motion doesn’t mean it will stay in place – it requires continuous tweaking, adjusting, refining. Keep your finger on the pulse of the market. If you’re not aware of what is going on, chances are you are off course. We live in a time in which our devices are our lifeblood; they encapsulate everything. If you are not advertising on digital platforms, in whatever way is most applicable to your target audience, you are missing out on an opportunity to drastically widen your reach and drive business growth.

For more insight on this topic and much more, listen to my recent interview with David Mistofsky, on my radio show, Business Growth Cafe, here:

To subscribe to Business Growth Cafe for weekly insight on several business topics, visit businessgrowthcafe.com or your favorite podcasting platform. Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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