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The Art of the Hire: Perfecting Your Employee Search Process

Are you winging your hiring process? According to Rick Girard, Founder of Stride Search – you don’t want to go without a methodical, strategic process – especially when hiring for a C-suite role.

The first step to knowing who you need in your company is to know who you ARE as a company, Rick Girard explained in the Business Growth Cafe.

What kind of organization you trying to build? What type of culture is the necessary framework to achieve those outcomes? Once you are able to identify who you are and who the company is, you will have a better ability to identify what needs to be accomplished and what standards must be met.

When it comes to job descriptions, it is crucial to think beyond a desired skillset. A position shouldn’t be simply listed as a laundry list of tasks. It shouldn’t be a generic description adjusted to a specific role.

A job description is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to ensuring that you end up with the right hire, and should be crafted strategically, and handled with care. A job description is not just a basic listing: it is a marketing document for your company. It should be written to attract prospects, not repel (or bore!) them.

Consider brand strategy as you work to craft your job descriptions. What projects need to be accomplished, and what the time frame of the position is to achieve those goals, key performance metrics, etc. By being specific in this regard, you will be more effectively able to evaluate candidates, both in the interview process and on the job. Finding the right candidate is all about crafting the right job description.

If desired, you can have two job descriptions: one internal and one external. This way, you can truly attract prospects from a strategic marketing perspective while also having a detailed, to- the-point idea of what you are looking for in hand when it comes to evaluating the cultural fit in your organization.

Regardless of whether you create two versions of your job description or just stick to one, the important thing is to present the information to the world in a way that piques the interest your prospects.

For more insight on this topic and much more, listen to my recent interview with Rick Girard of Stride Search on my radio show, Business Growth Cafe here:

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