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Growth Driver, Change Agent: The Value of a (Fractional) CMO

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A Chief Marketing Officer has both the power, and the responsibility, to drive long-term strategic growth that can ultimately lead to organizational prosperity.

And that growth starts with a vision. What is your firm’s definition of success? Growth? How will you strategically work towards expansion/acquisition? Equally importantly, what is your customer’s perception of your firm? And how well do you meet a need or fulfill a value for that individual? When you begin to align your vision with that of your customer, you build a stronger, lasting relationship with your consumers. You begin to look beyond what they are purchasing today, this week, this month, this year... Rather, you see the whole picture, realizing the lifetime value of that consumer, as well as the lifetime value you PROVIDE to that consumer. A CMO must look at success with a strategic mindset, looking beyond the “transactional”. The CMO must understand the customer journey, utilize competitive intelligence, embrace and leverage your unique market insights. While many companies cannot afford a full-time CMO, they should look to a Fractional CMO to provide unique value and skillset to the company. Unlike a full-time CMO, Fractional CMOs have the unique advantage of a broader, more objective outside perspective on the market and the players within it. They not only provide strategic vision, but also prevent the tunnel vision that can happen internally within a firm. Regardless, it is essential to move beyond the short-term tactical, sales mindset. Think strategically, and consider the benefits of having a senior marketing leadership at the table to help drive business growth.

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