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Unlocking Your Sales Team’s Hidden Potential

You can't have sales without an effective sales team, and you can't have a business without customers. As such, it is crucial to be intentional with your sales strategy – starting with your team.

While on Business Growth Café, Rich Cocuzzo of Sales Velocity Advisors explained that achieving sustainable revenue growth all comes down to having the right people, the right process, and, of course, the right performance. He explained that focusing on these fundamentals, and effectively executing, is the difference between surviving versus thriving. The first step is to make sure you have the right people on your sales team. The ideal sales candidates are those who can effectively prospect and convert them to new business, in order to continually elevate the existing growth trajectory.

In thinking about the right people to bring on board, start by crafting your ideal candidate profile. What skillsets and background experiences are you looking for in a candidate? Beyond that, how will you determine whether they have the sales qualities you need? Are they resilient? Disciplined? Self-aware? Motivating? It is equally (if not more) important that an individual has “Sales DNA” in their blood – there is always room to immerse someone in the nuances of the industry. You can teach, you can train – but if the candidate is not a natural sales person, it will not matter how much they know the field.

Next, it is crucial to retain your team members, and help them achieve their maximum potential. Develop an on-boarding process that is not just about speed, but about truly immersing new team members into the culture of your company. Provide a groundwork of understanding for what you represent, what you stand for, your values, your mission, etc. From there, the final step is to ensure that your team members are serving your clients by effectively presenting your brand’s value proposition. Marketing is marketing is marketing. At the root of it all, we must lead from our business’s value proposition, and work within that framework, ultimately empowering our team to do the same.

For more insight on this topic and much more, listen to my recent interview with Rich Cocuzzo of Sales Velocity Advisors on my radio show, Business Growth Cafe, here:

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Photo: Pixabay on Pexels

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